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  •  Piling on charges (4+ / 0-)

    Having had four surgeries for the same thing in the last 24 months, I've become all too familiar with the bills.  What I'm seeing is the doctors and hospitals piling on charges.  For example, surgery #1, there was the charge for the surgeon, about $3400.  Surgery #2, the surgeon told me she wanted Dr. M to help with the surgery, so there were the two charges for $3400, but thin insurance paid the assistant only a few hundred dollars.  Surgery #3 & #4 had the same surgeon's charge, but for some reason, there was an additional charge for what I thought were additional doctors.  But no, these people were Physicians Assistants, who each charged $3400.  How can a PA charge what the surgeon charges?  When I asked the billing department, I was referred to "my physician's office."  I don't believe that the physician makes those decisions; I think that upper management decided that.  Likewise, why did the first two surgeries have one anesthesiologists, but #3 & #4 had two anesthesiologists?  The insurance company said "We're seeing more and more of that."  Yeah, that means price gouging, I'd think.

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