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View Diary: Pressure mounting on call to fight hospital price gouging (164 comments)

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  •  oh no, that scary "Socialized medicine" (0+ / 0-)

    The propaganda of American Exceptionalism and xenophobia keeps us all in the dark, while the rest of the world develop, insist on and preserve humane, dignified, all-inclusive healthcare plans for all their people. Because it's recognized as being a pinnacle achievement for any society - taking care of the ill, dispossessed and dying. Quite simply, our current for-profit system is barbaric in comparison.

    The National Health Care system in the UK started in 1948, just after Britain had been severely bombed during WWII. In Michael Moore's film "Sicko" a former Parliament member says if someone came along and tried to dismantle it, "there would be a revolution."

    A frequent complaint is that we won't get the best doctors if we nationalize healthcare. That's the same argument Wall St gives when they're threatened with strict regulation and higher tax rates, they'll leave. Let 'em leave. With standardized pricing practices installed by the gov't doctor's offices wouldn't have to spend half of their days calling insurance companies, filing their paperwork, negotiating the minutiae of the many different plans - all of which could be used toward more efficient patient care and longer doctor visits.

    This British doctor explains a far more civil and dignified system, don't you think?

    A for-profit healthcare system is unconscionable.

    It's only possible because in the United States the corporations and Wall St write all of our laws - no two ways about. Packs of roving lobbyists and a spinning revolving door of government/industry chairs being swapped back and forth ensure that only business that benefits the profiteers, and not the people, will get done.

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