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View Diary: Christie can be impeached right now--but whether he should be is debatable (42 comments)

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  •  the longer christie stays the more damage done (6+ / 0-)

    it seems with each passing day more incidents of questionable actions come to light, and with an election in Nov the politically damage from these disclosures will have a national effect on the republicans. they have a lot invested in christie. he was the gop great white hope, as the establishment republicans try to wrestle back their party from the batcrazy tea folks. the longer this plays out. the hard it will be for the conservatives to get people to the voting booth?

    •  right now (2+ / 0-)
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      bearsguy, Dirtandiron

      Hoboken is asking for Sandy money to come directly from congress, and bypass Christie, and they have to, there could be another storm, and they are not prepared for one.  

      Christie can't keep doing the people's business while this plays out, he doesn't know how, and he can't do his own business anymore, so there is no point to him, he should go. If he won't resign, impeachment hearings should be started. New Jersey can't wait four years to get a responsible leader.  

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