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View Diary: What the f*&^* is wrong with us??? (A rant) (166 comments)

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    •  Mimi, how do I join this group? (1+ / 0-)
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      I have tried to find the group, but even "search groups" doesn't turn it up.  Please send me an invite?

    •  This was an LTE my local paper published from me.. (4+ / 0-)

      I was so upset that I gave him money when I left.  He looked a little surprised and blurted out a thank you, I hurried away so he couldn't see I was crying...........

      I was at a fast food restaurant the other day with my granddaughter and overheard a customer asking what he could get for a dollar.  He was clearly hungry and didn't have sufficient funds to get much.  How can a country so awash in food and money allow people to go hungry?  How do we justify to ourselves that we can drop $5 or $10 bucks on a "snack" while people are litteraly trying to keep themselves fed on a dollar?  That old song from the depression popped into my head "One Meat Ball"  you get no bread with one meat ball.

      How do we justify this?  How do people sit in church and listen to their Prosperity Gospel and feel that they, alone, are deserving of God's love in the form of material goods?  Why do we listen to a handful of families who own over half the assets of this country - as much as the bottom 50% of the country -  complain that they just shouldn't have to pay a reasonable tax on their wealth.  Why do we listen to corporations who  complain that their tax load is too high when they pay nothing in taxes?   How do we justify people sleeping in the streets, in the parks?  I don't care what their problem is - PTSD, disablilty, addiction, mental illness, lack of skills. How can we turn our backs on people who need shelter from the cold, warm clothing and food?

      I read all the time in the paper, people thanking another individual for paying for their lunch or dinner.  Doing the pay if forward thing.  I get it, it is a nice gesture.  But, most people who are out eating in a restaurant can afford to pay for their meal of they wouldn't be there to begin with.  When are we going to go back to the idea that; "there, but for the grace of God go I"?  When are we going to realize that we are a great country, capable of taking care of all it's citizens, not just those that have so much already?  This is the season of giving, what are you giving and to whom?

      •  I have a simple philosophy re: the homeless. (1+ / 0-)
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        If someone asks for money and I have anything to give, then I give...I leave the judgement part to a higher power. If they use the money to buy drugs or alcohol, then I just hope at some point they will have saved a little to help them to eat. It's not worth taking a chance to pass up a human being who might be desparate. Whatever I have to give will be modest, but after it's donated I never miss it and hopefully, I've helped someone in need.

        And I apply a similar philosophy toward animals...I don't turn my back on any animal that is suffering...

        Greed and cruelty -- especailly in the name of religion -- are like cancers that destroys people from within...I'd rather die poor than die from an emaciated heart...

        •  The Right justifies its greed and lack of empathy (0+ / 0-)

          on the very idea that they just "might" give 10 cents to one of those aliens or, worse yet, one of those minorities!

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