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  •  I don't like charity... (5+ / 0-)

    I was raised in New Zealand and came here in the 80's. There are homeless in NZ now, but I never saw it there. Somehow it seems to me feeding and housing the people is governments job. I am not a fan of small government, I like an open and efficient govt and if someone is a citizen or resident the govt must see to it people get educated, employed, or just fed and housed. Hell I would give food stamps to everyone. Everyone eats, right? So give it to everyone at a basic level and it removes any stigma.

    Relying on charity to do this strikes me as so off the wall it annoys me. And the few times I have handed out a $5 bill I have not felt good - I feel ashamed these people are not already cared for, and I feel like their care should not depend on soft hearts. I feel used, but not by the homeless.

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