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  •  Californians have been bitching about China's (1+ / 0-)
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    emissions from coal burning "ruining" their air quality. What few know about is that California is selling them millions of tons of the dirtiest coal in the world.

    Dirty Substance From California’s Oil Refineries Burned Overseas

    BENICIA (KPIX 5) – California prides itself on being one of the most environmentally conscious states in the nation. Some are calling that green promise hypocritical, because a dirty substance from the state’s oil refineries is being burned overseas.

    Refineries in California have begun processing a heavier, dirtier type of crude in the last decade. At the same time, there’s a mandate to produce cleaner burning fuel. So what happens to all the dirty dregs?
    “It’s a dirty secret, it’s a really dirty secret,” said Greg Karras, a senior scientist with Communites for a Better Environment.

    “California is the worst,” Karras said. “California is by far the major refinery center of the Western U.S. but it’s also refining the heaviest, densest, closest to tar average crude input anywhere in the country,” he said. As a result, they produce the most petcoke.

    Since the state and the federal governments consider petcoke a byproduct, not a waste, California’s strict emissions law does not apply. “It does not account for petroleum coke,” said Karras.

    Refineries can produce as much of it as they want. But state and federal regulations for burning it are really strict because it’s so dirty. That makes it hard to sell in the U.S.

    So what to do with it? Chris Howe of Valero told KPIX 5: “Much of it right now is sold overseas.”

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