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  •  I also think (0+ / 0-)

    your statement is insightful.

    It is like there is a shield of an invisible something that keeps us from connecting with them.
    You are right, there is a shield.  Mormons view non-Mormons as "other", something to be suspicious of. It's the with us or against us attitude, or we're right and you're wrong mindset.  They teach their kids to fear non-Mormons and limit their exposure to outsiders.  We might rub off on them or something, expose them to pathogens of the soul (Where did I read that this morning? It's an apt phrase isn't it?).
    •  They have to believe they are "special" (0+ / 0-)

      or they would not have the size of followers they have. Same with the evangelical "Christians". The Mormons are extremely secretive about their religion and its beliefs. I have been friends with some that were raised Mormon but are not anymore. Some of the rituals and beliefs are pretty far out there. The tradition of young men and women going on the "mission" is their attempt to keep the young person engaged in the church. I have been told that if they do not go on a "mission" that the odds of them remaining faithful to the LDS faith deminishes. That is why there is a lot of pressure on parents to send their kids on a "mission".

       I think the secretiveness and suspicious indoctrination is only a way to control the followers so that they do not seek beliefs outside of the church. There is big money in the LDS church so somebody has to keep the cash flowing. As a non believer in anything I see them as being more extreme like Scientology. I know mainstream "Christians" view them as a cult. To me all religion is cultish as if you question anything you are evil.

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