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  •  I also think the whole re-design of the Republican (1+ / 0-)
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    nomination process is misguided.

    IMO Romney would have lost by about the same margin as he did under almost any process.  

    It seems to me that most Republicans didn't like Romney much more than the rest of the country, and they kept methodically working their way through all of the other possible candidates in hopes they could find someone they liked.  

    It was only when it became apparent to most Republicans that Romney was the best of a bad lot that he wrapped up the nomination.

    Also unlimited money is going into special interest groups, some of whom are already running ads over two years before the first primary, greatly lengthening the campaign.  Plus, unfortunately, the ads which still seem to be effective are attack ads.  I can't imagine how any candidate emerges with any chance of winning if the public has seen mostly negative ads about them for over two years.

    I think the impact of two plus years of ads, and candidates running all but officially for years will far outweigh ANY changes to the formal structure that the RNC makes.

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