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  •  You bet I would! he's either ignorant, or (5+ / 0-)

    highly susceptible to wild claims, as are many other people.

    And don't think that waving the credentials of fund managers is going to hold any weight with me.  Numerous studies show that the performance of fund managers form a nice bell curve around the performance of the S&P.  Darden ought to be ashamed of himself for considering this and I'll place a nice bet that he either loses his ass on this, or he bums it off on someone else like Rossi has just suckered him.

    •  OK you are on.$10? (0+ / 0-)

      Of course I am not claiming that this particular news proves anything. But I think it marks an interesting step on Mr Rossi's long march to validity/scamhood

    •  They did their due diligence (1+ / 0-)
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      The following quote comes from an article on ecat world describing the acquisition of Rossis IP by Industrial Heat. In case you are not familiar with the Levy report, it was an independent test which was conducted by 7 scientists at the University of Upssala in Sweden.

      "It should be noted that in today’s press release, Industrial Heat cites not only the Levi report published last year as being the means of validating the technology and convincing them to make the E-Cat acquisition; they also mention that “in addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and certified by an independent expert.”

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