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  •  Re: Tom Darden must be a fool (0+ / 0-)

    Indeed he is not a fool.

    He represent the firm that has the insight, audacity and contact net to make this happen.

    Also he managed to present a case to Rossi that was acceptable to him. As Rossi is no scam, as has so violently been argued by some commenters here (without any tangible evidence to this), he has been trying to find the right collaborator to get this product to the market. Cherokee and Darden has managed to get Rossi feel at home.

    He (Rossi) can now work with the R&D exclusively and leave the market and legal battles to others. There is a significant Chinese connection with Cherokee as well, likely meaning that there will be a possiblity that products may be mass produced and be inexpensive very early on.

    It is amazing how hard it is for some people to wrap their heads around the fact that this disruptive technology will hit them in their face (well.... after all it is a good thing) in a couple of years.

    It is an energy revolution, but most people are ignorant, Main stream media has not treated this well, either, hence the ignorance of the populus.  

    It is to your credit that you bring this up here. Kudos to you.

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