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  •  Turkey - not a good article you linked (8+ / 0-)

    The prime minister, Erdogan is trying to stay in power.

    I went to Turkey last April and was very impressed. At that time Erodgan was one of the most respected leaders in the world.

    I have followed developments since then and read several articles per day recently.

    The move toward democracy has failed.

    Journalists are being jailed and most publications are run by the government.

    They are violating separation of powers as pointed out by Europeans when they try to claim a parallel state. There is move afoot to no longer have an independent judiciary by moving it under the executive branch.

    Massive corruption charges were filed on Dec 17 last year of people aligned with Erdogan and he has struck back by firing hundreds of police and many prosecutors

    The Gesi park protests were about the take over of public space by speculators and the wealthy. The government among its claims was that it was inspired by foreign powers.

    The countries most blamed by Turkey are US and Israel. It makes it hard to deal straight up with US when you say it has caused the problems.

    They are proposing a massive crack down on the social media. The fired police are fighting back by releasing wiretaps done in the multi month investigation of corruption and stirring up the pot.

    The article describes a power play between Erdogan and the Gulen inspired movement. They are both conservative Islamic movements. Gulen side is strongly behind moves toward democracy. Gulen inspired people are not directly involved in politics. In the beginning, when elected over a decade ago, Erdogan was moving in the direction of democracy and was widely supported, included by the Gulan  inspired people.

    But in the last few years, Erdogan has become corrupt and is doing everything he can to hold onto power.

    European statesman asked Why has Gulen movement been hidden for all these years?

    The corruption hearings against Erdogan took many months, maybe years. There is no credible evidence for Erdogan's accusations that I have seen.

    Disclaimer: I went to Turkey on a cultural exchange sponsored by the Gulan inspired organization. They are well linked in the US and in fact have better connections than Erdogan. I saw this cultural and dialogue and interfaith effort something that might be able to make a difference in the world. The paper I read is from the Gulen inspired group.

    When I came back I gave several issues of the newspaper to my historian friend. He said that they were written like newspapers were in the 1950's. Excellent articles.

    here is one article

    World War I is still going on!

    one of the articles pointed out that the coup in Egypt happened too soon. The Muslim Brothehood won the election and over reached. Now they have been driven underground. They can say "Islam is the solution" but without governing they can't figure out what that means. It takes time to build a democracy and one that includes Islam.

    I have learned a lot about politics by reading about turkey. They were an empire for 600 years and had major coups in 1960 71 and in the 80's. As an empire, the military was always the main power broker and in the early days Erdogan kept them in toe. Now he is bringing them back to stay in power.

    I am surprised that the Reuters article you linked did such a poor job about telling the story.

    I am deeply troubled to see a country fall to corruption. The report of the leaked wiretaps which show the corruption gave me hope that they might be able to come out of the recent mess and get rid of Erdogan.

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