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    wanderers and the like. Ok, Kossacks, show me what you can do!  I know you're out there and I know you spend waaaaaaay too much time on the Net. ;)  Here's the thing, last year, I lost 27 years worth of writing when my HD died suddenly.  So I started looking for things I'd published over the years.  But, and this is the HUGE but, there is one story I wrote, in 1999/00, while I was working as an admin for a website called Africam.  If you've never been, I'm sorry.  Long story short, my story of our first meet up, entitled "Arianna & the Cursed Cases or Care in the Community of Africam" was gone too.  And with military moves and all, no hard copies to be found.  The woman who published the ops/admins site had server problems etc. over the years too, so there's that in the mix. She lived in Canada, Toronto at the time I think.  Went by meerkat on the Africam site. I have, just a week or so ago, found an old, live link to the guestbook for the site.  Here's that:  and Other subtitles within the main text  which are no help on Google are chapter titles of: "The Tardis Effect", "Cruel Shoes", "The Cursed Cases", "Care in the Community of Africam" and that's about all I remember.

    It's a travelogue of our first meet in London in 99.  It was published on the africam ops website which the "guestbook" was attached to.

    The author was me...just Arianna or perhaps Arianna Norris.

    Africam still exists, and it's not under that plus it's in different hands now and the old owners didn't have it.  Neither did the lady who put it on the ops site.  The ops site was so folks could get a look at their MIRC ops (though mine was a woodcut of a Valkyrie) and had bios, short articles and the like.  I know it was on Tripod once upon a time too.  I tried Wayback with no luck as xoom is something else now?

    Thanks for your interest and ideas!
      If you find it, I'll think of some way to reward you I swear!  Please help?

    ~Arianna_Editrix-- I willingly accept Cassandra’s fate, To speak the truth, altho’ believ’d too late

    by Arianna Editrix on Sun Jan 26, 2014 at 10:35:41 PM PST

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