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View Diary: Lawrence O'Donnell just said something weird (316 comments)

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  •  Does anyone have access to (none)
    a transcript of the show?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    •  Just went to the website, they (none)
      don't have transcripts up yet; they said they typically have them up within a few days. I'll be sure to update.
      •  Tivo Transcript (4.00)

        Below is the text of Lawrence O'Donell's revelatory statement on McLaughlin Group today. He began talking about Time having to pay for holding the documents/emails, and not serving its shareholders by defying a (Supreme) court order. He ended with this:

        "What we're going to go to now in the next stage, when Matt Cooper's emails-within Time Magazine, uh, are handed over to the grand jury is the ultimate revelation, probably within the week of who his source is. And I know I'm going to get pulled into the grand jury for saying this but the source of-for Matt Cooper was Karl Rove, and that will be revealed in this document dump that Time Magazine's going to do with the grand jury."

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