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  •  Speak oh Mighty One ... (none)
    ..., when and where was this "you also have no clue about where the downfall of America began." to have taken place?  

    Lets say I was writing a book in the distant future (1000 years off) about the rise and fall of the USA, and I knew that there was tons of documents and history books in the data vaults for all to access (unless Bush seals the information off in 2005) then why not use a foreward to speak of the glory days of democracy in America.  I would then use chapter one for the process that gave us this ruinous cabal.  Alot of people (Republicans all) helped in that process.  It would be a big chapter.  

    Maybe two chapters.  The second chapter just for the post election to the selection by the SCOTUS timeframe.  With a final RIP on the electors being objected to by the Black Caucus and Gore having to publicly put the election behind him, I would hope the reader 1000 years from now would be shaking their heads or crying.

    Title it "The Bush Years: The Fall and Rise of American Democracy, 2000 to 2008"

    Think it would sell ohhh Mighty One?

    Those who minds are closed to change, will ignore the possibility of forgiveness.

    •  Duh (none)
      It will begin in 1492 when Columbus' crew killed their first native. Duh. How could it begin any differently?

      you're ability to prognosticate the contents of a book written 1000 years from down to the exact number of chapters devoted to the SCOTUS decision in 2000 shows what a speculative and unserious person you are though.

      Beware the Cult of Chicken Little!

      by Addison on Sat Jul 02, 2005 at 11:27:31 AM PDT

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