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View Diary: Republicans try to solve their War on Women problem by attacking Hillary over Lewinsky affair (227 comments)

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    MarysDress, TofG, Powell, sukeyna

    ....from Aqua Buddha, the kidnap-bondage king of Baylor University.

    Monica Lewinski was of legal age, it was consensual, and the only crime with any of it was stupidity.

    It says something about the campus culture that the woman didn't sue Paul's ass off (I'm sure the local Texas law enforcement would have ignored it).

    •  Consensual my ass (1+ / 0-)
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      You put any starstruck 22 year old up against a smooth-talking, Rhodes Scholar President of the United States  about anything, not just sex, and tell me he or she would have an easy time turning him down.

      That being said, this IS sex, and it's quid pro quo with a vengeance.  The implied bargain is:  "You want to keep working here, in the center of the universe, for the most important man in the world -- a job millions would die for?"  You'll rationalize your panties off.

      •  you can take that reasoning pretty far (1+ / 0-)
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        Dr Swig Mcjigger

        eventually nobody has to take any responsibility for anything they do.

        I think that a 22 year old woman (or man for that matter) can decide for themselves who they want to have sex with. Did Bill Clinton have relations with every female intern in the White House? (there must have been many others, right?) or just Lewinsky? to our knowledge it was just her - it was her decision. Personally I don't really blame her or think at all badly about her for it - people are far too judgmental - but to claim that it's not consensual just because she was 22 and he was powerful? ... I just don't buy that.

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