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View Diary: Cartoon: Progressive Kristallnacht (89 comments)

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  •  Of the making of dumb Nazi analogies (8+ / 0-)

    there is never a shortage.

    •  There is at least one big flaw in this article. (4+ / 0-)

      The author of the article, James Taranto, states that Robert Reich (and an Avalon military leader) "crave ideological victory and openly entertain fantasies of violence should it fail to materialize."
      Taranto bases that on this statement by Reich: Reform is less risky than revolution, but the longer we wait the more likely it will be the latter.
      But Reich is not advocating revolution in this passage: He is stating a historical fact: When things get bad enough the masses revolt. (Or as Mel Brooks likes to say: The masses are revolting!) He is giving a history lesson, not advocating revolution.
      Now, I'm not saying that Dems don't make stupid Nazi analogies, but, if the point of the article is to show that Dems also make these kinds of statements, and this is the best that Taranto can come up with, then I'd say he has a pretty weak argument.

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