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  •  Mr. Perkins might be projecting some sour grapes. (4+ / 0-)

    After WW1, the German economy was functionally dead. It took a Hitler to find a scapegoat everybody could easily blame (Jews), create new jobs out of thin air (rearmament), reinvigorate industry and technology (Messerschmidt, Dornier, Krupp, Porsche and rocket development), get serious about law enforcement (SS, Gestapo) and taking preemptive measures to ensure security at home and abroad (Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, etc.)

    Does any of this methodology sound familiar?

    Now, people are starting to wake up and realize they've been swindled; for that they are being branded as troublemakers and hooligans - and the conservatives are painting their political equivalents of "Jude" and stars of David on anything that stands in their way. Krystallnacht was a bit more than just some hack pundit's political buzzword: it signified a turning point in the minds of an entire nation that for them justified the murder of millions of human beings.

    It's tormenting to think that here in the 21st century after the last 100 year-long bloody romp we had with this kind of thinking, nothing was learned.

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