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View Diary: Forced-birthers continue to maintain delusion that a brain-dead woman is only in a coma (62 comments)

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    is the husband and the rest of the family, and the child. Do you not think the trauma to them is important?

    Do you think the child inside of a dead body wants to be there, developing while its home and source of physical and emotional life is dead and unable to answer him or her?

    What is also being harmed is the wishes of the woman for her own body. Now that she is brain dead, we cannot just do whatever we want with her because she 'doesn't know'.

    And, please put yourself in the shoes of a child who knows that he or she was developed inside of a dead body.

    I just keep thinking how horrible it is that the mother and child could not have gone into death together like they were in life, joined in the rhythm of their shared bodies.

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