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View Diary: A Trans Fat Ban and Marijuana Legalization: Liberal Hypocrisy? (139 comments)

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  •  No study needed (3+ / 0-)

    because it is the distinguishing fact regarding Marijuana: Marijuana has no known toxic dose. Period. Unlike alcohol, aspirin, caffeine, nicotine or even water, marijuana cannot poison you. So there is that. You should check out Dr. Sanjay Gupta's recent review of the pot literature on CNN, because there are reliable studies, and overwhelmingly they indicate that pot is a net beneficial substance.
         Trans fats, on the other hand, do cause immediate and lasting harm to coronary and other blood vessels. There is no debate about this either.
         As for your kids, I hope they choose pot over alcohol, because alcohol is by far the most lethal substance they could possibly ingest, both directly (risk of overdose), long term (liver, CNS damage) and a host of risks in between (car crashes, fights, falls, depression, becoming a crime victim). Your level of understanding on this topic does not serve them well if you are giving advice, and in fact seems to rely on discredited anecdotal evidence from the dark days of the drug war.

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      Batya the Toon, fladem
      Marijuana has no known toxic dose.
      ...ya do understand the difference between acute overdose and long term effects of chronic use, right? The fact that something is not acutely poisonous does not make it harmless. Do me a favor, track down a movie called "Radium Girls" - I think you can get it on Youtube. Not saying that pot's as dangerous as radium, just saying that it points out a hole in your logic.
      No study needed not exactly the scientific method. It's something I associate w/ religious belief.

      If it's harmless, what possible downside is there to doing studies? How is actual data a bad thing?

      I think that one of the GREAT things about a more permissive atmosphere around cannabis is that maybe we can finally GET real data. You're making claims that can ONLY be proven by long-term broad-swath study- I'd think you'd want those studies to be done.

      •  Sure (3+ / 0-)

        I get that distinction. In my line of work, criminal defense law, I have had the opportunity to work both with and against some top notch, Ivy League experts in the field of drugs, drug analysis, toxicology and human response to drug agents. When I say it is a fact that it is not toxic, I would bet substantial money that that is a true statement. Acute toxicity is the issue, as you cannot say this about almost any other substance, prescription, herbal or otherwise. It really is a remarkable fact about marijuana.
             Long term, and even, in some rare cases with predisposed individuals, short term, there can be, it seems, some neurological and/or psychological impacts. But a lot of people have been smoking a lot of pot for a long time now, so these impacts are not widespread, nor easy to find, otherwise research to date would have more conclusively documented them. On the flip side, pot offers a range of positive benefits both to sick and healthy users, so from a cost benefit analysis pot also does well. More studies are fine, but the bottom line fact remains: if people want to alter their consciousness, as long as alcohol is an option, there is almost no argument against pot.

      •  You have to make a distinction between (2+ / 0-)
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        nota bene, Calamity Jean

        the medical effects of the cannabinoid drugs found in cannabis resins and the damage done by smoking anything. Actually the damage to living cells is far greater from the smoke, hot gasses and dangerous chemicals created by the rolling papers than the cannabinoids in the cannabis. In fact, cannabinoids have significant living cell protective properties.

        We have to move past this mythology that has been created around the obscure slang term marijuana and really start to discuss the effects of the active ingredients produced by the cannabis genus of plants. I believe you will conclude like I have that cannabinoids are some of the most therapeutic and least toxic substances known. The LD50 of all the more than 80 known cannabinoids exceed 40,000 times the effective dose...the LD50 of aspirin is just 16 times the effective dose by comparison.  

        Really don't mind if you sit this one out. My words but a whisper -- your deafness a SHOUT. I may make you feel but I can't make you think..Jethro Tull

        by RMForbes on Tue Jan 28, 2014 at 10:56:04 AM PST

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