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View Diary: 'Climate Apartheid': Building Privatized City to Protect Rich From Rising Sea Levels (220 comments)

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    rambler american

    They think that establishing a gated city will do a damned thing to keep them safe from the masses of people who have been effected by the world they destroyed.

    That's adorable.

    You gathered into one place, amidst towers of glass and steel that may as well be a giant middle finger towards the rest of the world. Yes, that wall will certainly keep you safe from water.

    Now how about rocket barrages and artillery strikes?

    Now, I don't know about you all, but if there's a global governmental collapse, I don't think it'd take much to take a big chunk of the displaced with military hardware (because we do such a good job keeping track of that now, amirite) - ones who are more than a little pissed at what these assholes did to the world, mind you - to take some ordnance and turn the glass city of the assholes responsible into a fucking moonscape.

    After all, when someone gives you the finger, it's only fitting you give it rgiht back.

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