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  •  RIP, he lived a great life (21+ / 0-)

    Wikipedia has many links, and more on his politics than the Times:

    On October 21, 2011, at age 92, Pete Seeger was part of a solidarity march with Occupy Wall Street to Columbus Circle in New York City.
    Pete was a great-hearted humanist, tirelessly siding with the downtrodden wherever he saw them. He was an inspiration not only to generations of musicians, but to the labor movement from the 1930s forward, the civil rights movement, the peace mevoement, and the environmental movement. An alumnus of the Young Communist league, blacklisted and prosecuted by McCarthyism, he was slow to see the downtrodden in the Soviet gulag, but
    In 1982 Seeger performed at a benefit concert for Poland's Solidarity resistance movement. His biographer David Dunaway considers this the first public manifestation of Seeger's decades-long personal dislike of communism in its Soviet form.[89] In the late 1980s Seeger also expressed disapproval of violent revolutions, remarking to an interviewer that he was really in favor of incremental change and that "the most lasting revolutions are those that take place over a period of time."[89] In his autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone (1993 and 1997 reissued in 2009), Seeger wrote, "Should I apologize for all this? I think so." He went on to put his thinking in context:

    How could Hitler have been stopped? Litvinov, the Soviet delegate to the League of Nations in '36, proposed a worldwide quarantine but got no takers. For more on those times check out pacifist Dave Dellinger's book, From Yale to Jail ...[90] At any rate, today I'll apologize for a number of things, such as thinking that Stalin was merely a "hard driver" and not a "supremely cruel misleader." I guess anyone who calls himself a Christian should be prepared to apologize for the Inquisition, the burning of heretics by Protestants, the slaughter of Jews and Muslims by Crusaders. White people in the U.S.A. ought to apologize for stealing land from Native Americans and enslaving blacks. Europeans could apologize for worldwide conquests, Mongolians for Genghis Khan. And supporters of Roosevelt could apologize for his support of Somoza, of Southern White Democrats, of Franco Spain, for putting Japanese Americans in concentration camps. Who should my granddaughter Moraya apologize to? She's part African, part European, part Chinese, part Japanese, part Native American. Let's look ahead.

    He performed with his granddaughter Tao Rodriguez-Seeger and Bruce Springsteen at Obama's Inaugural.  Pete's music and inspiration will live on.

    There's no such thing as a free market!

    by Albanius on Tue Jan 28, 2014 at 12:30:11 AM PST

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