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View Diary: This Is the GOP's Idea of a "Patient-Centered Health Care System" (78 comments)

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  •  Sad thing is they probably believe this s**** (11+ / 0-)

    They're delusional.

    Republicans can be good at making money for themselves or for their business (Romney for example). But republicans are, in general, totally incompetent when it comes to economics. Their theories have been proven wrong, time and time and time again. What they have is ideology.

    They have no place in governing anything at the state or national level. They have no clue.

    Yes, they're in the pocket of big money interests. But I'm convinced they're ALSO incompetent, profoundly incompetent. And not only in economics, but also in foreign policy (they don't understand other cultures), in environment, you name it.

    WHO in this party is knowledgeable in anything other than business ?

    I would be curious to see if ANY health care economist will agree with this plan. Not a FAUX health care economist; a REAL one, who's respected by his peers….

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