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View Diary: Testimony of Pete Seeger before the House Un-American Activities Committee, August 18, 1955 (146 comments)

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  •  I neither understand nor respect drama queens. (0+ / 0-)
    ... the American Gulag ...  a "trial" in which cries of State Secrecy denied him any chance to defend himself ...  masochists by proxy
    Your response, like that of many of Snowden's defenders, shows a lack of understanding about the nature of civil disobedience.

    If one commits an act of civil disobedience, one should be willing to pay the price.  Pete Seeger was such a one, as was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many others who broke the law and were willing to go to prison in order to make a larger point.

    Those who are not willing are not entitled to respect, because they show neither respect for the rule of law nor an understanding of the breath-taking changes in society that can happen when one person stands up for bad laws and bad policies.

    And pre-judging the outcome of legal proceedings on the basis of fear and prejudice is immeasurably contrary to the principles on which the rule of law is based.

    •  Correction: (0+ / 0-)

      The third paragraph should have read:

      "... when one person stands up against bad laws and bad policies."

      (Note to self: after editing a sentence, re-read the entire sentence carefully.)

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