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View Diary: Did Speaker Boehner just issue an impeachment threat over executive orders? (147 comments)

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  •  Well, they CAN shut down the govt. (1+ / 0-)
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    JJ Zucal

    but impeachment is pointless. They CAN'T convict the President.

    •  Sorry, but that's fucking stupid. (5+ / 0-)

      It did not stop them from totally derailing all of the important business of this country to go after a president because he got a blow job from an intern.  

      What you are not getting is that it doesn't matter what they do to the target of impeachment nearly as much as it matters what they do to the people of this country by obsessing over a ginned up scandal that doesn't relate in any way, shape or form to the need of this country or its citizens.

      If Obama or any other President was doing something that rose to the level of impeachment, I would applaud their efforts regardless of hopes for conviction.  But that is not the case with Obama unless they want to go after him for things that they plan on doing if they win the White House back.  

      •  When they did it ............ (5+ / 0-)

        It cost Gingrich the speaker ship and his seat in the house.
        It also cost the republiCONs the house.
        It would be the same result if they try it again.

        Go for it IDIOTS.

        •  No - the congressional districts are (4+ / 0-)

          drawn in such a way that the GOP have few worries about losing the House for years to come barring major and very sudden demographic shifts.

          The other important factor here is understanding that there is a significant percentage of GOP reps in the House who want the government to go away entirely.  They LIKE it when the government shuts down because they want it to be shut down forever.  Any moments where people become dispirited or frustrated with government helps their cause.  So, any disruption in government is a welcome activity in which they will happily participate - no matter how insane you might think it is for them to opt to do so.

        •  Bravo! Thank you!! (1+ / 0-)
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          About time someone brought up what happend the LAST time Rethugs tried to get rid of a Dem prez.  Obviously they've forgotten how THAT $80M fiasco backfired.  Big time.  But the "I" option is all they have left to show their displeasure for Obama.  If memory serves, Gingrich & Crew didn't use the "I" option until Clinton's second term either.  Getting to be a broken record, iddn't it?

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