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View Diary: Did Speaker Boehner just issue an impeachment threat over executive orders? (147 comments)

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    There are several changes since the Clinton impeachment:

    1) Massive gerrymandering that locks in many Republican House seats.

    2) Aggressive voter suppression, that will prevent likely Democratic voters from even participating.

    3) Conversion of journalism to stenography or to a wing of the Republican party. The press has largely stopped investigating, and now merely acts as a microphone for the various "sides", with a bias for which side pays their bills, and which generates the most page views. The independent press has been starved of funds, partly by the shift away from subscription newspapers and partly by right-wing ownership of media. We are relying on small, independent, local reporting to get under the surface.

    4) The Citizens United decision.

    So, the Republicans -- or rather, their backers -- did learn some lessons. Unfortunately, the lessons they learned were destructive to democracy, to our economy, to our environment, to the future...

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