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View Diary: The Republican Response Decoded (Snark. MST3k Style) (10 comments)

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  •  I bet the corporations paid her well. Watch her (5+ / 0-)

    donations go up the roof for saying......???? What was it she said again?  Was there an alternative?  Oh that's right, stay home and take care of the kids if you can afford it or fend for yourself.

    I find it hard to believe McDonalds put her through college.  It was the taxpayers with the grant money and daddy's good salary.

    •  "HELP pay for college", (1+ / 0-)
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      radical simplicity

      she said. She didn't specify how much it helped.

      Still, it was obviously a lie - it no doubt helped with living expenses while she went to college, but a part time minimum wage income leaves zero to pay for tuition and textbooks. Feeding yourself, putting gas in the car, and paying rent and utilities (even if it is dorm costs) is not the same as paying for college.

    •  Depends on when she went to college (3+ / 0-)
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      tmservo433, JeffW, Jackson L Haveck

      If she went back when minimum wage was almost liveable, and she lived at home with her parents, and state colleges were still getting significant federal and state subsidies, then she could easily have paid tuition w/McDonalds wages.

      If, on the other hand, she attended college after, roughly, 1988, then, no.

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