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View Diary: No substance, but no big flubs, so Republican State of the Union response counts as a win (144 comments)

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  •  Obama's headfake on "inequality" left them nothing (8+ / 0-)

    I think the GOP really thought that Obama was going to come out all fire and brimstone and literally scream at them about how it wasn't fair for all the whites to have all the money and the blacks have nothing. (I'm pretty sure that's how they interpret "inequality")

    They expected No-Drama Obama to use the State of the Union to start a class war. (Because that's what they would have done.)

    But, of course, he didn't. He played it cool.

    He did harangue Congress, but only to suggest they do their jobs. (The images of frowning Republicans while Obama talked about getting people healthcare or raising their salaries were priceless.)

    This response was calculated to be calm, passive, and reassuring. But without scary, angry black-guy as a foil it played instead as spineless and dumb.

    Obama came out and played the Fonz. McMorris Rogers followed as Charlie Brown's mother.

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