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View Diary: Abortion in Texas. One person's perspective (27 comments)

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  •  As a christian I can understand, (1+ / 0-)
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    but there is a fine line between right and wrong in a lot of things (for all of us to make in our choices). Because everything we do in life is about choices (wither you believe in god or not), I believe that life is about the choices we make in our lifetime, although there will be somethings out of our control.

    I for one believe that abortion is a choice that a woman must make for herself, and it is the way that others treat her (after making her choice), that will cause the mental trauma for her.
    The writer doesn't mention how her family treated this decision to have an abortion, and it is how she is treated by love-ones that will make all the differences in her life going forward. When a woman has the support of her family behind her, she will be able to handle the choice (she makes) much better than when they turn against her, but that will always be the true wither it's about abortion or some other matter.
    •  The woman's family is pretty much non-existent (0+ / 0-)

      Father lives in New York, has little connection. Mother is not the greatest person in the world. Brother is currently homeless and addicted to heroin. None of them know about this.

      Essentially, it's friends like my wife and I who are her surrogate family.

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