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  •  Capitalism, like Communism, works best in theory (4+ / 0-)
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    sfbob, Gentle Giant, BachFan, raincrow

    The second you begin to factor in human motivations such as power and greed, then it all goes pffft.

    •  Um, pretty much everything does (0+ / 0-)

      Relationships, jobs, workout regimes, school, etc. Nothing works out ideally in the real world. The ideal is just a starting point and unattainable goal. The problem isn't necessarily with the underlying thing itself (although in some cases it is, like communism), but with how it's implemented, and how well such implementation takes into account unavoidable factors like power, greed, stupidity, laziness, selfishness, etc. No system works well that isn't regulated and managed well. I'm not about to give up on the twin pillars of modernity, democracy and capitalism. But damn, are they in need of repair.

      "Reagan's dead, and he was a lousy president" -- Keith Olbermann 4/22/09

      by kovie on Wed Jan 29, 2014 at 02:28:53 PM PST

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