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View Diary: Republican senator after hearing State of the Union: 'The world is literally about to blow up' (83 comments)

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    first he is from a southern state and they  love their wars so their kids can be heroes.

    second unchecked capitalism always leads to on going wars for corp profits under the pretense of making the world safer.

    third there is mega profits in wars for the few and those few control gov.

    fourth Americans are a war mongering people that love guns and wars under the guise of being peace keepers.

    fifth all empires find ways of self  destructing. it is in their DNA called arrogance, ignorance and exceptionalism.

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      "first he is from a southern state and they  love their wars so their kids can be heroes."

      You mean someone else's kids, right?

    •  How about war on global warming? (0+ / 0-)

      We can make making hardware for energy efficiency and renewable energy at least as profitable for our MIC firms as making weapons to fight against terrorists.  And we can buy coal as mineral rights for the same price as coal dug up and put on a train and call it carbon capture and storage and very virtuous in the war on global warming.  Isn't there some way to make war on global warming as glorious and patriotic as World War II was?  We fought WW II to make the world safe for Democracy.  We can fight the war against global warming to make the world safe for Agriculture--so we all can eat.

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