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  •  I have a Pete Seeger story. (3+ / 0-)
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    Told it once or twice, always makes me smile. It was 1971, my husband was just graduating from boot camp for the Navy in Orlando. We were 19, our son was born 5 weeks prior while he was away. His draft number had come up in the Christmas lottery that year, so he joined the Navy to stay out of 'nam. Student deferments didn't apply anymore, and we weren't willing to go to Canada like some of our college friends had.

    He'd been awarded the American Spirit Honor Medal (some kind of 'most promising recruit' thing, little did they know), so the Navy flew me there from Oklahoma for the big to-do presentation on the parade field.

    On the way home we had a 4 hour layover at Dallas Love Field and less than a dollar to our name.  We spent 50¢ on a locker to store my bag and his duffelbag, and were counting pennies from the bottom of my purse and wondering if we could scrape up enough for a cola to share. A guy opened the locker next to ours and stowed a guitar, which caught my attention. It was Pete!

    We were big fans, shyly said 'hi' to him and shook hands and were just delighted to meet him in passing. Hub was in his dress whites, a requirement for the flight we'd been told. Pete asked if we were hungry, and we kind of hemmed and hawed, not wanting to tell him we were flat broke and just trying to get home. He figured it out all on his own.

    "Come with me," he ordered, so we did. He walked us into the main terminal and up a big flight of stairs to the ever-open doorway of the USO. Which we didn't know about because we were just new at this. "These people are here to give you you a break, there's food and drinks and pool tables and telephones, and some really nice people," he said. "They're here just for you."

    So we thanked him, shook his hand again, and went on in. Had sandwiches and colas and spent some time talking to others there, then we made our flight home when the time came. We'd never have found it on our own in that cavernous place.

    Thanks again, Pete. He just had a way about him, and he knew things.

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