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View Diary: Rand Paul says there is no GOP war on women because Monica Lewinsky, so there (164 comments)

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  •  What makes you think (0+ / 0-)

    that the Nader votes would have been counted for Gore if they had been marked that way?  There were already enough votes to elect Gore if there'd been an honest count.

    BTW, the GOP has no monopoly on voter fraud.  Read Robert A. Caro's "Means of Ascent" (part of his multi-volume biography of LBJ) for details on how Johnson got to the Senate by stealing the 1948 election from Coke Stevenson, the last honest conservative.  Apparently the GOP learned a lot from LBJ.

    One point that book makes is that if you're going to steal an election, you need to work really hard to make sure it stays stolen.  Coke Stevenson fought harder than Gore's Democratic backers, but lost anyway, thanks to the much-revered Abe Fortas.

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