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View Diary: Facebook: Libelous Anti-Semitic Hate Speech "doesn't violate our Community Standards" (121 comments)

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    Mets102, Tinfoil Hat, Old Sailor

    After reading this and numerous other reports of rampant hate on Facebook and other social media, I am glad I never signed up for Facebook.   I tend to be the type, who when almost everyone is doing something, out of some kind of reflexive refusal to follow the crowd streak, will not do what "almost everyone" decides is so so cool.

    Why even have a system to report hate speech, when after clear hate speech is reported, they dont take it down?  I think those of you with facebook pages should cancel your accounts.  If you want to "keep in touch" with friends and family, do the old fashioned thing, call them on the phone, write a letter, or best of all, go to see  them IN PERSON.

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