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View Diary: Star-Ledger calls out Christie for funneling Sandy money to a town that barely got scratched (22 comments)

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  •  It's becoming apparent that Christie used (15+ / 0-)

    Sandy funds as his own personal slush fund for re-election.

    Not only that, he used the Port Authority to give cushy jobs to his cronies and threaten those who didn't play along.

    The man is disgusting.  New Jersey politics has seen the light of day and it isn't pretty.

    •  As an interested distant onlooker I vaguely recall (6+ / 0-)

      that Christie won the governor's office first on an anti-corruption platform. The cynicism is breath taking. And I'm saying this as a distant democrat who was quite taken with Christie in the aftermath of Sandy. Personally, I think he's done.

      All snarkiness aside, the people of New Jersey deserve political representation by honest people.

      Look at Mayor Zimmer of Hoboken, for example, she's obviously honest. You can tell by what she didn't do and the FEMA aid the Hoboken Sandy victims didn't get that WE TAXPAYERS SENT TO THEM. That aid was from all of us taxpayers who raised HOLY HELL when the goopbag congress stalled on finding the FEMA money for Sandy relief. Do you remember? That was a heavy lift, took weeks of squawking which should have not been necessary but, Red States took storm relief till the well ran dry, then their elected officials refused to prime the pump for other Sandy-stricken states.

      And those Hoboken Sandy victims have still not received that aid. If this all turns out to be true, Governor Christie needs to do some real time, for defrauding taxpayers from all over the country for his own political advantage, and to pass himself off as a bipartisan good guy to attain even higher office.

      And this guy from Belleville who did what Mayor Zimmer wouldn't do, endorsing for cash, he needs to go. I don't know how to convince voters who are acclimated to corruption, who are sitting around in brand new senior housing, that he needs to go. And that's precisely the reason why, if this is all true, Christie needs to do a lot of real time.

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