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View Diary: Right-wing law prof's case against early voting (148 comments)

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  •  I like the chip idea... (2+ / 0-)
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    happymisanthropy, stevemb

    But implant  them in the politicians, wired to pain receptors throughout their bodies.  

    There was a science fiction story about this over 40 years ago.  The citizens all had little remotes that would stimulate the receptors in the politician's body that corresponded to the citizens district.  One or two people activating their remotes wouldn't be felt, but if a lot of the people triggered their remotes the politician would definitely wake up with their ass (or calf, or whatever) on fire.

    •  If We Had An Actual Lie Detector... (0+ / 0-)'d be amusing to have in employed in debates, perhaps with somebody who got caught too many times being dumped into a shark tank or something (although they'd probably arrange for budget cuts to replace it with a kiddie pool of snapping turtles).

      On the Internet, nobody knows if you're a dog... but everybody knows if you're a jackass.

      by stevemb on Fri Jan 31, 2014 at 07:19:44 AM PST

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