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View Diary: Millions to go uninsured ... to spite Obama? (403 comments)

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  •  There are many, I know, in GOP-led states (0+ / 0-)

    falling between poverty level cracks filled in fully implementing states - or so unaware of the value of the options available to them that they would, knee-jerk fashion, say "pay the fine."  The first set cross their fingers, hope not to die, perhaps the second group as well.

    What I am quite sure of is that the 38% fine-payers demo is far from monolithic - certainly not all whistling past the graveyard, pinning their Obama voodoo dolls out of malice.

    There is some really gritty fodder for optimism not covered in this story, nor was it really dealt with in Joan's piece to which Kos links.

    But, I'll address that in another comment.

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