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View Diary: What's a Human Being "Worth"? The Moral and Economic Crisis of the 21st Century (192 comments)

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  •  The Comintern promised us "One World." (4+ / 0-)

    And growing up, as I did, attending Pete Seeger concerts instead of Church, I thought this would be a GOOD thing ... equality for all, sharing the World's wealth.

    John Lenon had similar imaginings ...

    The counter argument of course was "average the world wage, and US Autoworkers will literally starve, because housing and heating cost so much in Detroit."

    Well, the failure of Revolutionary Scientific Socialism has been pretty well established.  The Vanguard Class of the Workers didn't exactly cover themselves with glory in the places where they did take congrol  (cough)Mao (cough)Stalin.  

    Why exactly did we believe that political adventurers whose skill set included "waging revolution" and "dominating in commitees"  and little else would produce Commonwealths "We", as Baby Boom Americans would care to live in?

    But ... the One World ideal, and the hope for "the Withering of the State is not yet dead.  It is simply being carried forward by the very Bourgoisie that refused to be Liquidated during the high water years of Marxist Leninism.  Once the Capitalist Class got it through their heads that "war" WAS a waste of time and resources and noticed that nationalism and ideology were no longer of real value to the sacred Bottom Line ...

    Their trade off, of course, was having some differently- pigmented multi-millionaires  in their exclusive country clubs.

    And so ... NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Pacific Trade Agreement -- of which,  neither Ms. Clinton nor Mr. Obama have anything bad to say.

    So ... the difference between life under the Internationale Soviet and the International Cartel ...  well, under the Communists everyone had a job to pretend to work at while the government pretended to pay them.

    In the Capitalist Ascendancy ... no one will have to pretend.

    Either way ... "lives of anxious obedience" for those lucky enough to have lives at all.

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