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View Diary: What's a Human Being "Worth"? The Moral and Economic Crisis of the 21st Century (192 comments)

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    The world system of capitalism will come to an end only when people no longer chose to be willing participants.  It will probably happen on a Tuesday.  The elite ownership society will not see it coming.  People will simply decide one beautiful morning not to participate in the system any longer.  They will do this by not going to work and not spending money, any money, until their demands for change are met.

    What will those demands be?  Who knows.  How long will it take for the elite ownership to acquiesce to those demands?  Not long.  But one thing is for certain - the world system of capitalism will collapse quickly if people withdraw their support for the system.  

    Poof.  The 500 year world system and its sociopathic elite ownership society will be gone with the wind.  

    It will probably happen on a Tuesday.  No one will see it coming.  It will be peaceful.  

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