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View Diary: Don't Call Out Republican Racism, Or You Might Get Fired (73 comments)

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    Heavy Mettle

    After reading some of this I think what was inappropriate was not the content but that someone used the corporate account, like sending out something satirical but true on company letterhead. I hear much more pointed comments on the air than this. But the real story here is that Rinse Prius is such a weenie that his fingertips started fluttering and he had a serious case of the vapors just reading that tweet. RNC Chief down!

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      I think we all should have a discussion someday about how we accept the fact that we check all of our "natural rights" as citizens at the door as soon as we take a job.

      That tweet just doesn't rise to a firing offense.  It just doesn't.

      And let's face it, do we really think it's okay to live in a country where your boss and the corporation own you and your mouth both on the clock and off?

      "If you are cast on a desert island with only a screwdriver, a hatchet, and a chisel to make a boat...go make the best one you can. It would be better if you had a saw, but you haven't." T.Roosevelt on politics.

      by NCJan on Thu Jan 30, 2014 at 07:56:01 PM PST

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