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  •  doh! I meant to spell that out more clearly (3+ / 0-)
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    from the NCDC search tool (, select "Daily Summaries" from the "Weather Type/Observation" dropdown, then set date range (Jan. 1 1970 - current), and search for "cities" (by city name/state).

    On the following selection screen (a map), click on the city name to "Add" to cart. An icon will popup in the upper right corner of the map, as  well as a banner across the entire bottom. Click either one, and then the "View all items" button.

    On the next screen, confirm the date range. Select "Custom GHCN-Daily CSV" radio button for the output format. Review your "order" at the bottom and click continue.

    On the next screen, I checked all the boxes under "Station Detail & Data Flag Options," although that probably wasn't necessary. I didn't need the latitude and longitude of the observation station, for instance. Under "Select data types for custom output" drill down to "Air Temperature" and then "Minimum temperature (tenths of degrees C) (TMIN)."

    I imported the whole mess into Excel. Then I converted the temps from C to F. (Because America!) Then stripped out the year from the date field, flagged each line with a value of less than 0, and did a count of those days. (I did say there was some number crunching involved.)

    Convert that table into a chart, copy the chart into a picture viewer (there's probably an easier way, but I don't remember it), upload to the image library, and voila!

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    by Turbonerd on Fri Jan 31, 2014 at 12:38:40 PM PST

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