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View Diary: Reince Priebus declares MSNBC to be 'on probation' (117 comments)

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    What's his point, anyway?

    And MSNBC should kick Republican commentators off their shows. What value do they add, anyway?

    Karnacki has a perfectly good show, and he doesn't even have a Republican on some of his panels. I'd rather see an entirely liberal panel discuss issues than to have a token right-wing addition insult my intelligence for the Nth time. Same for Hayes, and quite often Maddow.

    Thom Hartmann has right-wingers on his show, but he stands by with a harpoon to make sure they have to behave.

    Best of the Left usually only mentions them in passing.

    Ring of Fire just rolls its eyes at them.

    They are mostly unnecessary fluff. So, perhaps MSNBC should purchase a clue and reduce their presence to a mere annoyance.

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