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View Diary: DCCC: "McMorris-Rodgers LIED about Bette" her Obamacare Victim in SOTU Response (105 comments)

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  •  well, to be accurate (14+ / 0-)

    Bush said that "England Believes" Saddam was trying to purchase nuclear material form Africa because our State Dept and CIA had already discovered this was a Lie Based on a Forgery, but the Brits hadn't found that out - yet. So he told the truth about what England thought, just not what his own intelligence services thought, because he - just like McMorris-Rodgers - didn't want to believe the Truth.

    •  Yep. Colin Powell committed the first War Crime (1+ / 0-)
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    •  I put it differently. He believed the truth, but (0+ / 0-)

      he didn't want us to know or believe the truth.  I just don't believe he believed the crap, but he was willing to tell the lies to get what he wanted.  I think that's his lesson from growing up as he did - you learn the truth, but you say whatever will get you what you want and you never, ever admit to any mistake.  It's always someone else who screwed up.

    •  The problem with that however is (0+ / 0-)

      The intelligence services were not convinced by a long shot, heck two ASIO researchers (the people whose intelligence gathering efforts) here in Australia got told to STFU because they were SCREAMING about the lack of evidence of there being WMDs in Iraq. Then after the declaration we were all going after Saddam, they went public with what their research prior to that had said indicating WMDs and got crucified for it.
      The whole situation was a cock up, and definitely leans towards the "after the oil" theory. Though to be fair even while it wan't definite we'd be going after Iraq I personally was reasonably sure we would be going, because of the oil and finishing Daddy's war, WMDs just gave justification. So take my opinion there with a grain of salt.

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