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View Diary: The NFL has managed to diminish my favorite pastime. (195 comments)

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  •  Not sure if you know this or not, but football (4+ / 0-)

    games are and have been for many, many years structured around the ad time.  The reason why major broadcasters never liked airing soccer games was because there were no stoppages to allow for ad time.  That's the simple reason why it has been so hard to bring the other "Football" to the US.

    I am not particularly sympathetic with the diarist's position only because the commercialization of football has always been a huge aspect of the sport as the NFL manages their monopoly.  The game is constructed entirely around advertisements and that's just "thing number 1".

    •  mind-boggling at my first live pro game. (6+ / 0-)

      you don't see it from home, but when you're at the stadium, the subservience of the game to the commercial schedule of the TV carrier is central.
      I watched offensive drives deprived of their momentum when a flag being thrown or an injury meant going to five minutes of commercials. The players were standing around on the field until  a specific referee (who is there just to coordinate the game for the tv) let them know when the TV had come back to them, so they could resume play. Meanwhile, the defense got an undeserved rest, the defensive coaches had time to review film and make adjustments.
      It was hard to believe these interruptions did not affect the outcome of the game. To most people, that would be considered game fixing. It is much worse during playoff games, where a skewed outcome should be even less tolerated.

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