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    Mr Stagger Lee

    you might just as well write a diary about bad Hollywood movies glorifying gun violence, or bad "reality" TV, which can and do introduce and reinforce themes of violence, etc etc.

    how many times have I talked with someone who brags about never watching TV who lists only bad shows and bad ads as reasons. then you find that they rent whole seasons of tv shows to watch at home!

    Pro sports really is part of the entertainment industry and should be taking as seriously (or not) as fast and furious 113 or lethal weapon eleventy million, or Duck Destroyer...etc.

    not everyone is going to like or watch every entertainment option. and military flyovers invite people to tune out if they object, while those who stay watching are prob. not tuning in for the military rah rah, so it's superfluous marketing and a waste of effort. people join the military for economic reasons mostly, i suppose, or because they always wanted to. not because of the football game preshow.

    and of course, the sainted Soccer/football seems to have flare ups of pitched battles between fans and hooliganism, without the aid of flyovers or soldiers or any corporate input at all. what to make of that?

    maybe we should ban all sports that have objectionable baggage? or maybe people should let each of us decide what entertainment to follow.

    I'm in touch enough with my ancestry(Irish) to sometimes find PBS' pipeline of English TV like one long projection of the "England=culture" meme. one could argue that is a vestige of the Empire period in English history. English culture during the Empire involved destroying other cultures. But, i'm not sure I'd wait to until the finale of the Season of Downton Abbey to post a diary calling it out, as that is mean spirited and just a little bit rude to guilt trip other peoples enjoyments.

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