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    arlene, Vet63

    There are examples of people living off assistance in every community that perpetuates these stereotypes. I know of a young couple here in my community that are unmarried have a child, do not work fulltime except selling drugs, had the baby with Medicaid, get food stamps, etc ... The real kicker is they condemn others for doing what they are doing, don't vote but would vote repugnant if they did and on top of it all the young man could work fulltime if he weren't so lazy as his family is a prominent business owner in town.

    My point is when there are examples like the one I gave you it only fuels the opinions of the rwnjs to believe everyone on assistance is just being lazy and not getting a job. Not my opinion but I see where it comes from.

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      I hope I have never claimed the left has only perfect people.
      I am positive,the type of people you talk about are in the minority on our side,
      Take care,

      Social activist, nutrition and exercise advice,long distance runner, Writer.

      by Vet63 on Sun Feb 02, 2014 at 10:25:29 AM PST

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      •  No one is perfect but what saddens me about (0+ / 0-)

        the RW push to eliminate our social safety net for those that need it is critical for some. Just because we have bad examples of those that take advantage both in the rich and poor segments of the income strata does not eliminate the true need for those that really need assistance.
        Take the indigent, mentally ill and the disabled. They all need help in order to survive if they are poor. If you are a full time worker at Walmart if lucky enough to have it you still cannot afford rent, transportation, insurance and living expenses on that level of income without either doing without or getting assistance.

        If the issue is people on welfare that could work then to me there should be more oversight in the process to limit those that are taking advantage without the real need. We need to keep the amounts flowing to those that do. First should be children and then the elderly. It is a crime that some elderly have to resort to not eating in order to keep taking medications. Children should never be put in a position of vulnerability - shame on the school in Utah that disposed of 40 student's lunch because their parents owed money. Take it up with the parents not the innocent kids.

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