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  •  Great first effort, and the poll (0+ / 0-)

    Obviously you do know quite a bit about history. I wonder if most history majors are left of center. The more you know about history the more you are appalled, especially lately, in watching it repeat itself. And I wasn't even a history major!

    Anyway, I particular like the poll. Sure, compared to a diary itself a poll is a trivial effort. But I haven't seen (I could be wrong if it's there but as I said I haven't seen) any poll like this here. It's good to take the pulse of what the bright people here think about the direction we are headed.

    I myself think we are going over the edge. Even if it were only going to get a bit worse but we'll make it (last option, basically...and right now the least voted for option), that will likely be thrown by climate change and possibly a serious pandemic, likely flu (hopefully the universal flu vaccine will be fully available by then-flu evolves more quickly than many human viral pathogens in part because it is passed back and forth between other species-mainly pigs and birds). But I digress. I was a microbiology major, after all.

    I've found myself guiltily glad not to be young anymore, but possibly that is because I'm barely making it in the current more stable (I suspect) times as it is.

    Anyway, good job! Nice to meet you!

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