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  •  You forget to include the outsize influence that (0+ / 0-)

    the power holders have through non-profit institutions that they subsidize.   They not only control through outright ownership, they effectively run charities, churches, colleges, museums, and even grade school and athletic programs through leveraging their donations.
       Red Cross has always been a high paying haven for the wives of the connected (Libby Dole?).  The chairs of many universities are selected on the basis of contributions by donors -- hence the influence of corporations on food science (I think one of the buildings at Stanford has a plaque indicating huge contributions from Campbell Soups built it.)  
        Southern Baptist churches were so heavily influenced by donations that Carter was compelled to resign.  
        History is written by the victors, and museum exhibits are funded by donors that have a huge hand in choosing what goes on display to the public, and what doesn't.
        Every wonder why some lines of research in archeology, genetics, air quality, aren't followed up on?  Look to who funds the research -- if it conflicts with their ideology, permits will not be issued,  it won't be done, or it will not be published, or it will be 'frozen out' of the peer review process.  Credentials (backing by established interests) are checked at the door ...

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