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    another American

    I had both in mind when I wrote it and generally my views on it are complicated and difficult for me to clearly and adequately define.

    Politically I'm more inclined to support the menshiviks policies who I felt were far more moderate and willing to cooperate with the other parties.

    However, I support the first less radical overthrow of the tsar led by the provisional government than the later one lead by the bolshiviks

    however-however, the inability of the SR's, or more accurately the SR-Right to actually make good on the most desired demands namely the end of the war and the recognition of the various independence movements while the Boshiviks were willing to live up to these puts my sympathies towards them in that specific regard.

    Generally speaking it's difficult for me to accurately get my feelings across on this and the topic of this diary because my own politics are a confusing hodge-podge mix of various different ideologies.

    And I understand there are vast difference between those revolutions and what we are experiencing today, my point is that I feel we're are, as we stand today, getting close to conditions for a general societal upheaval. Of what sort and kind I can not say exactly. I just feel that something really big is in the works.

    And of that I don't feel anything is inevitable, my point was that the leaders of society make them so by a lack of effort to make reforms which based on my own perception of events I feel is currently the case. I don't trust our leaders to do what is right because they are either ignorant of how bad it really is or they know but don't care. Whats more I also feel that traditional means of effective non-revolutionary forms of protest are either no longer effective or even exist such as labor unions that would allow us to make our needs be more heard or major democratic shifts since the increasingly corrupted processes of our government by the rich has me both worried and disillusioned.

    I brought up those revolutions as a example because whatever their outcome and differences from our own situation, I feel they are a good example of what happens when the government/elites of society refuse to listen to the needs of their people for too long.

    sorry for the long response. I'm rather new to this and most of the points I wished to respond to have somewhat been lost in the comments.

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