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  •  Modularization (5+ / 0-)

    Lots of modularization happening in housing these days, including water, waste, and power systems.  Some of it is even being combined with transportation as well, electric/hybrid vehicles as home batteries.

    Here's an entry in the next world Solar Decathlon:

    •  thnx, the dwnload seems to be more than my (4+ / 0-)

      old computer can handle at the moment, but maybe i can look at the site when i have no other tabs open.

      i did see the site saying "architecture is woven, not built" (approximately) reminded me of photos i saw of an open-air exhibit of the Jewish holiday Sukkot in new york city, and of a National Geographic channel (i believe it was) program about the revival of fiber (reeds) building construction traditions of Marsh Arabs of the Tigris & Euphrates.

      also of the wicker or willow (?)mesh the netherlands used for hundreds of years to build land out into the north sea, before use of concrete (i believe the concrete looks like gigantic jacks toys) and other materials following (i think it was) ww2.

      as a former serious amateur in textile arts, i find the idea of weaving in architecture makes a lot of sense.

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