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View Diary: Top Republicans Stand By Christie (28 comments)

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  •  Jindal and Ryan (10+ / 0-)

    They can usually be relied upon to create train wrecks and that should hold in this instance. But I do not think Jindal and Ryan are important in and of themselves.  Jindal is not a bold guy.  He is not saying that Christie should stay on as RGA head because he thinks so.  He is saying this because some much more powerful actors want this.  This goes for Ryan, too.  Ryan has been trying to make up with the Chamber/Corporate/Big Donor side of the party.  Jindal and Ryan are indicators of more powerful forces at work.

    Giuliani wants Christie to stay on, too, but I do not think he is as reliable an indicator. This is truly a horrible decision by the GOP if it stands, and will be a boon for Dems.

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